RMS Equipment

Remote Medical Service is committed to using only the finest quality vehicles, treatment centres, and medical technology available. RMS equipment is rigorously checked and rechecked to ensure the best care and transport is available to your staff, under any conditions, at any time.

MTC’s and Ambulances

  • RMS Mobile Treatment Centres and ambulances are four-wheel drive equipped and able to travel in remote locations in all weather conditions.
  • MTC units are outfitted to exceed regulations in every region of Canada and the US.
  • All vehicles have V.H.F. radios, global positioning systems and cellular phones on board.
  • RMS will modify our units to fit any client’s or site’s unique needs.

Medical Stations and Trailers

  • RMS can supply and staff fixed or semi-fixed treatment centres in camp or on-site.
  • Top quality, modern medical trailers ensure the highest level of field care possible.
  • Medical trailers can be staffed to any level required.

Medical Equipment

  • RMS uses only the most current, highest quality medical equipment.
  • RMS medical equipment is checked, re-checked, and checked again to ensure it remains available for use in top condition.
  • RMS can supply specialty technologies, such as semi-automated external defibrillators (AED’s).

Communications Equipment

  • RMS uses only the most modern and effective communications equipment available.
  • Satellite phones, two-way radios, cellular technology, and the Internet are all used to ensure continuous coverage.
  • Modern, secure, electronic record-keeping is used to ensure meticulous documentation and prompt information sharing.

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